EPIC® SENSOR M12A Solder termination

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Angle of connector housing
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EPIC® SENSOR M12A D6 12 SL1220 4-8
180 °
4 mm
8 mm
7,50 €
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EPIC® SENSOR M12A F6 12 SL1220 4-8
180 °
4 mm
8 mm
7,20 €
Na zalogi, predviden rok dobave 5-8 delovnih dni.


  • Solder termination is easy to implement, and creates a plug connection that is resistant to shock and vibrations.
  • When connected, protection class IP 67 can be achieved.
  • Available in different designs.
  • High stability thanks to impact-resistant polyamide.


  • Typical application areas are sensors and actuators at field level.
  • Good oil and chemical resistance.
  • Can be used universally at machine interfaces for many applications for data and signal transmission in the low-frequency range.



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