EPIC® H-BE 48 Push-In termination

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Premer kontakta
Min. presek povezovalnega vodnika (mm2)
Maks. presek povezovalnega vodnika (mm2)
EPIC® H-BE 24 SP 25 - 48
2.5 mm
0.14 mm2
2.5 mm2
16,15 €
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EPIC® H-BE 24 BP 25 - 48
2.5 mm
0.14 mm2
2.5 mm2
16,73 €
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  • Inserts from the EPIC® H-BE series are regarded as classics in industry and are ideal for use at higher voltages and currents.
  • In the EPIC® H-BE series, inserts of different connection types can be combined with one another (screw, crimp, cage clamp or push-in) within the same size.
  • The article consists of two inserts with 24 contacts and offers highly flexible connector assembly: The inserts can be used for simultaneous power and signal transmission with just one connector.
  • Push-in connection enables the shortest connection times: strands with conductor end sleeves can be inserted and contacted without any tools; just press the orange button to remove the contact. For strands without conductor end sleeves, the button must be pressed to open the spring before insertion or removal.
  • The round test socket for 2 mm standard measuring tips is positioned so that it is still accessible for signal testing, even if the insert is already installed in the panel-mount base.
  • Made of robust polyamide (flammability class V-0 according to the UL 94 testing procedure for the flammability of plastics).
  • UL certification according to technical data enables the product to be used on the North American market.
  • Wide variety of suitable housing variants.


  • For connecting devices and machines in various applications.
  • Suitable for wiring inside control cabinets.
  • For transmission of control signals to actuators.
  • Typical applications include platform, lighting and lifting technology.


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