EPIC® H-BE 32 Crimp termination

Koda izdelka
Maks. upor kontakta (mOhms)
Premer kontakta
Min. presek povezovalnega vodnika (mm2)
EPIC® H-BE 16 SCM 17-32
5 m?
2.5 mm
0.14 mm2
5,34 €
Na zalogi, predviden rok dobave 5-8 delovnih dni.
EPIC® H-BE 16 BCM 17-32
5 m?
2.5 mm
0.14 mm2
5,34 €
Na zalogi, predviden rok dobave 5-8 delovnih dni.


  • Inserts from the EPIC® H-BE series are regarded as classics in industry and are ideal for use at higher voltages and currents.
  • In the EPIC® H-BE series, inserts of different connection types can be combined with one another (screw, crimp, cage clamp or push-in) within the same size.
  • The article consists of two inserts with 16 contacts each and offers highly flexible connector assembly: The inserts can be used for simultaneous power and signal transmission with just one connector.
  • Crimp termination creates a vibration-proof connection, provides maximum contact protection between the contact and cable and is suitable for automated assembly.
  • Suitable for conductor cross-sections from 0.14 to 4.00 mm2.
  • Made of robust polycarbonate (flammability class V-0 according to the UL 94 testing procedure for the flammability of plastics).
  • Compliant with standards for use in rail vehicles (fire behaviour test according to DIN EN 45545-2:2016-02, requirements sets R22 and R23, hazard levels HL1, HL2 and HL3).
  • UL certification according to technical data enables the product to be used on the North American market.
  • Wide variety of suitable housing variants.


  • For connecting devices and machines in various applications.
  • Suitable for wiring inside control cabinets.
  • For transmission of control signals to actuators.
  • Typical applications include platform, lighting and lifting technology.



  • Unless specified otherwise, the product values shown are rated values at room temperature. You can receive further values, such as tolerances, upon request if they are available and have been released for publication.
  • If applicable, the prices are solid metal prices without surcharges and VAT. Sales only to business customers.
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