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EPIC® H-A 3 AG gr
1 pc.
23.8 mm
23.8 mm
1,15 €
Na zalogi, predviden rok dobave 5-8 delovnih dni.
EPIC® H-A 3 AG bk
1 pc.
23.8 mm
23.8 mm
1,15 €
Na zalogi, predviden rok dobave 5-8 delovnih dni.


  • With open base for cable entry into the housing or control cabinet.
  • The EPIC® H-A 3 series includes the smallest housings in heavy-duty industrial connectors and ensures secure connections in the smallest possible space.
  • Housing in plastic or metal version for safe connections in the smallest possible space
  • Self-extinguishing in accordance with UL94 V-0 (flammability test for plastics).
  • The locking takes place using a plastic single lever.
  • The panel-mount base can be connected to many common housings on the market.
  • UL certification according to technical data enables the product to be used on the North American market.
  • Allows protection class IP 65 due to the reliable sealing of the housing.
  • The arrow is a new design element on the housing surface and makes it easy to find and easy to connect in tight spaces and possibly poorly visible areas of application.


  • For connecting devices and machines to the power supply.
  • Machine and equipment manufacturing
  • Control engineering
  • Electronic laboratory
  • For use with many EPIC® rectangular connector inserts.
  • For protecting the connector insert against environmental influences.
  • High oil resistance material for harsh industrial environments.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.


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